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FERI Products and Services in the Real Estate Sector

FERI offers a large portfolio of products and services in the real estate sector over the whole value-added chain for investors, real estate companies, investment companies, developers, asset managers, financial institutions and consultants.

FERI Real Estate Database is the data pool for the analysis of the real estate market. It covers all the relevant subject areas that are required in property-related market research and provides not only historical time-series but also, and in particular, the FERI forecasts for all relevant indicators.

FERI Real Estate Market Rating evaluates the risk/revenue potential of real estate markets on the basis of comprehensive market forecasts and supports asset allocation and timing decisions.

The rating of real estate and real estate portfolios is a key element of FERI’s real estate operations. In addition to straightforward real estate valuations, the consultancy services contain the production of investment, portfolio optimization and sensitivity analyses and the development of exit strategies. The growing importance of the issue of sustainability is addressed in the FERI Sustainability Rating.

In the indirect real estate investment sector, FERI provides research into open-end real estate funds. In its FERI Real Estate Funds Rating, FERI offers a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of real estate funds of all kinds.

On the basis of more than ten years’ experience in evaluating management quality FERI has developed the FERI Real Estate Manager Rating that evaluates the management quality of real estate managers, project developers, asset managers, and investment trusts.

In addition, FERI produces market studies on investor behavior on a regular basis, assessment of managers by investors, and special issues relating to the real estate market.

The range of services in the real estate sector is rounded off by other consultancy services.